COPAVIC reopened the abandoned glass factory in their town where pitchers and glassware of all kinds are handblown.
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COPAVIC (The Recycled Glass Cooperative of Cantel) was founded in 1976 in the small village of Cantel, Guatemala. Motivated to create jobs that would earn them a living wage, provide them with health insurance, and support their families, this worker­ owned cooperative took the initiative to apply for a small loan to purchase land and build their kiln and workspace. Four decades later, COPAVIC’s artisans continue to transform recycled glass into gorgeous glassware while maintaining their original vision of a livelihood free of exploitation and protecting the environment around them.

  • Made in Guatemala
  • Hand blown
  • Recycled glass

Where in the world

Guatemala World Map

Cantel, Guatemala

Artisan Images

Each piece is made from recycled glass at COPAVIC.
COPAVIC transforms recycled glass and members of their community.
Artisans blow molten glass by hand.