An artisan at Cuchareros traces the shape of a jobillo spatula before beginning to carve it by hand.
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Spanish for ‘spoonmakers,’ Cuchareros’ artisan community in Guatemala was founded in 2000 to help area farmers earn extra income to support their families and expand environmental and health initiatives in their community. Using their talents in woodcarving, these artisans create unique serving utensils without the aid of any machines or powered tools. The Cuchareros artisans have worked hard to establish sustainable social programs in their communities, while taking special care to preserve local forests by only using wood from certified, sustainable sources.

  • Made in Guatemala
  • Carved by hand
  • Certified sustainable wood

Where in the world

Guatemala World Map

San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala

Artisan Images

In Guatemala, the Cuchareros forgo the use of power tools and machines, instead crafting each utensil by hand.
An ice cream spoon in mid production as an artisan works diligently with a machete to smooth and perfect each curve.
An artisan from Cuchareros holds out a freshly carved jobillo wood spoon.