In Peru, PaTS artisans use simple tools to carve a large bowl from higuerilla wood.
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The skilled artisans of PaTS, based in the Yanesha community of Peru, produce a line of handcrafted wooden bowls for the Sobremesa collection using wood sourced sustainably from managed forests in the Amazon. This means that wood supplied comes from forests evaluated for compliance with local laws, respect for indigenous peoples, and the safety and rights of forest workers. PaTS is a non­profit organization that connects Yanesha artisans with international markets, providing them with a sustainable income while working the preserve the abundant biodiversity found in their communities. Through their carefully hand­carved wooden serving bowls, PaTS artisans provide a beautiful table setting while protecting the Amazon Rainforest for future generations.

  • Made in Peru
  • Handcarved Higuerilla wood
  • Wood sourced from managed forests

Where in the world

Peru World Map

Oxapampa, Peru

Artisan Images

The tool marks left in the bowl's exterior gives it an authentic shape.
Artisans work hard to make sure nothing is wasted when they carve these large fair trade bowls.
A Yanesha artisan carves a higuerilla bowl by hand.